ArmA 3 EyeX Screenshot Competition

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What is the EyeX?:

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Welcome to the Tobi EyeX Screenshot competition! If you're not familiar with what the EyeX is, there's a link to my EyeX video in the description. Tobii has sent me two EyeXs to award for this competition.

The competition itself is going to be an ArmA 3 based screenshot competition with two categories - Action shot and Scenery shot. There will be one winner of each category. You can enter both categories, and make more than one entry per category(no ludicrous amount of entries).

Here are the rules:

For the Action Shot #ArmA3ActionShot - It has to be based on some sort of action happening in ArmA. Be it a single guy shooting his rifle, a tank firing its cannon, an A-10 doing a gun run, artillery rounds exploding everywhere, or something similar. It should depict active combat in ArmA in some fashion. It can be staged or live, there is no rule on that. I usually get my "fancy" shots through the splendid camera in the ArmA 3 editor, but I take all of my shots for my video thumbnails directly from live gameplay.

For the Scenery Shot #ArmA3Sceneryshot - It should be anything in ArmA 3 that "looks cool" to the eye, but does not involve combat. It can be just scenery alone, or something along the lines of a group of troopers walking down the road on patrol, a checkpoint being manned, an over the shoulder shot of a sniper looking down on a town, etc.

For the screenshots, no UI elements should be showing. Any mod or addon for ArmA 3 is allowed. This includes things like sweetfx or other 3rd party tools. Additionally, you can touch your screenshot up with photoshop or something similar after the fact. I warn you though, I won the official arma screenshot competition a couple of years ago with a pure, in-game screenshot that had no touch-ups:

Submissions for the screenshots should be made on my youtube channel's facebook page. A link to each category's post is in the video description. When you submit the image, be sure to include a hashtag along with the photo #ArmA3ActionShot for the action category, and #ArmA3SceneryShot for the scenery category.

A week from today, on the 3rd of May at midnight eastern time, submissions will be closed. I will then select the 5 best screenshots from each category and put up a poll for the best screenshot to be voted on starting on the 4th of May and running for one week, closing on the 11th of may.

Good luck to everybody, and thanks to Tobii for making this happen!


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