MapperCast Podcast Episode 25 - Chris & Cosmic Make A Mistake (11/6/2016)

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Welcome to our Twenty Fifth Podcast where we as a group of mappers will be discussing a lot of topics Related to politics, youtube, and mapping. #MapperCast #Podcast

At the end of the podcast, we will be providing mappers a chance to have their series discussed in our next podcast. For fans, we will give you a chance to suggest topics and we guarantee it will be discussed in our future podcasts as long as it is not a request to review a show, or meme garbage.
◤MapperCast Crew Joining Us◥
● 99Batran:
● CosmicMapping:
● The Rat Of Mapping:
● Mysterious Mapping:
● Mindria
● Italian Mapper Chris
● Li Allan

Our featured mapper today:
Alp Mapper:
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◤List of Topics◥
- Discuss the pros and cons of Season 3 of Alp Mapper’s Alternate Future Of Europe Series
- Fan Request: Discuss Memes
- Pull The Wildcard Topic Out Of A Hat
- Discuss College systems/corruption across different cultures
- Alternate History discussion: What would happen if Hillary Clinton was nominated in 2008 and not Obama?
- Historical Speeches: We will basically grab a well known speech from history and read it aloud in our own style. The viewers will vote on who made the best speech. We shall do Winston Churchill’s ‘We shall fight on the beaches’,4RqS-ZLp9rtrcWe4x3-PEjf8R9WB4OU25jk/edit
- Final American election predictions
- Quiz Game To Select The Mapper Winner And Fan Winner
- Free For All Q&A
- Say Goodbye

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