MapperCast PodCast Episode 51 - RIP CROATIA! (7/15/2018)

Welcome to our 51st Podcast where we as a group of mappers will be discussing a lot of topics about Mapping. #MapperCast #Podcast

At the end of the podcast, we will be providing mappers a chance to have their series discussed in our next podcast. For fans, we will give you a chance to suggest topics and we guarantee it will be discussed in our future podcasts as long as it is appropriate and related to mapping.

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◤List of Topics◥
- Discuss the World Cup 2018.
- Discuss RedEmoji Day/Rojo’s Alternate Future Of Brazil Series
- Fan Request: What is your view on The Electoral College?
- Pull The Wildcard topic out of a hat
- Announce the mappercast project we are currently working on
- Do you think creating a fictional political ideology is a good idea in mapping?
- What are some things you want to see change in mapping? (i.e countryball designs, map designs)
- Discuss Columbia joining Nato’s Global Partnership Program
- Free For All Q&A
- Quiz Game To Select The Mapper Winner And Fan Winner
- Say Goodbye
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