Pattaya by Night - A friendly voice Narrated tour and walk around the city’s red-light district.

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Tonight I give you a closer look at the unique and sexy personalities around Walking Street in Pattaya city a few hours south of Bangkok This video is narrated by yours truly and I hope you find my friendly voice helpful in understanding what Pattaya is all about and/or just enjoy the video about this amazing place in Thailand.

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Video cue index:

00:00 – Short time rooms in Pattaya (price 300 BAHT).

00:34 –Sexy Russian girls (funny).

01:18 – Loud ladyboy (funny).

02:17 – Legless man begging in Walking Street.

02:38 – Man trying to pick-up a prostitute (ladyboy).

04:04 – Drunk Thai girl on Motorbike taxi.

05:30 – Two sexy bar girls in Pattaya Walking Street.

06:08 –Live music in Walking Street, Pattaya. (cool singer).

06:45 – Peppermint gogo bar’s staff buying teddy bears.

07:10 – Russian strippers striking a pose and looking sexy.

07:43 – Fresh meat on Walking Street (these Thai girls look green).

08:06 – Flashing LED shoes changing color.

09:07 – Big booty black girls (ladies of the night).

09:24 – Professional freelance Thai girl in her working suit…. lol.

10:14 – Stairways to heaven in Pattaya (escalator up to Marine Disco).

11:32 – Break dancers dancing in Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand.

12:28 – Thai bar girls spending their money.

13:22 – Thai food stall montage.

17:54 – Angry Thai bar girl (angry whore)

18:21 – Very sexy girl walking down Walking Street in Pattaya.

Are there anywhere better to be than Pattaya ?
Correct answer is “NO”

Thanks for watching
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Pattaya by Night - A friendly voice Narrated tour and walk around the city’s red-light district. - Download