Pattaya Nightlife - Rainy streets and lots of sexy girls dancing.

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Follow me on a rainy day in Pattaya and come watch the wild Thai girls in Soi 7 and join me for a walk down the famous Walking Street and the center of Pattays red light district. It might be low season in Pattaya but it is actually a very nice time to be in Pattaya as the nightlife is not so crowded and thus you get more attention from the ladies (something that I enjoy). Also after our recent heat wave it is very refreshing with a little rain.

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Video index:

00:00 – Rainy weather at the Pattaya city sign + view of Pattaya bay.

00:18 – Thunder in Pattaya.

00:27 – Sexy Thai girl on motorbike taxi in Pattaya.

00:37 – People rushing to board a baht bus in Pattaya.

00:50 – Outside The Avenue Pattaya shopping mall.

01:08 – Kiss Food & Drink on second road (great value food)

01:14 – Random coyote girl dancing

01:29 – PJ bar in Soi 7 (currently one of my favorite bars for go hard trance music, cheap beer and good looking girls)

02:48 – ***MUST SEE*** Girls in Soi 7 go wild… lots of butt cheeks showing and so many sexy Thai girls just dancing in the streets.

05:15 – My Thai girl for the day sends you her love and kisses.

05:27 – A Quick look inside the sexy bar Shooters in Soi 7 just across form PJ bar.

05:43 – Best Trance DJ in Pattaya playing at PJ bar… Go hard or go home !

06:03 – Ladyboy walking down Soi 8 in Pattaya.

06:15 – LightHouse a go go in Walking Street.

06:24 - Moulin Rouge gentleman's club in Pattaya Walking Street.

06:52 – Thai man and woman selling umbrellas to tourists in the rain on Walking Street.

07:22 – Tourists walking barefooted down Walking Street in the rain.

07:32 – Russian PR lady

07:51 – Keeping it real with that matching leopard print..(player gotta look good rain or shine)

08:04 – Ladyboy with huge fake ass

08:29 – Classic Pattaya – Fat Tourist with his little Thai girl friend… happy days !

09:05 – Someone get this sexy lady an umbrella

09:30 – Do you guys like that big African chocolate booty… well Pattaya has got that too.

09:50 – If I wasn’t such so cold hearted I would properly fall in love… what a gorgeous girl.. am I right boys?

10:16 – More of that chocolate goodness walking down Walking Street in Pattaya.

10:28 – Another huge fake ladyboy ass.

10:33 – This girl is sharing valuable knowledge… :-)

12:45 – Busy side Soi to Walking Street, lovers holding hands, street food and taxis.

13:12 - Airline a gogo In Pattaya Walking Street.

14:21 – Thai hostesses in School uniforms

15:07 – Ouch… that is a mean looking selected of face tattoos…(badass dude)

15:15 – Russian gogo bar in Walking Street

15:27 – Rack em up baby.. so we can play

15:40 – Does your hotdog stand have clients in bikini ?... mine does.

15:51 – Late night snack, spareribs so good. You can get food throughout the night in Pattaya (this is South Pattaya Road)

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