Review: DeadbeeF 0.7.2 Player de música para Linux!

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changelog since 0.7.1

fixed title formatting %filename% crash
fixed streaming of aac content in mp4 container
added https:// support to vfs_curl (Viktor Semykin)
added zh_TW translation to deadbeef.desktop (laichiaheng)
fixed loading cue sheets without any metadata fields
fixed file close bug in VTX plugin
fixed evaluating nested square brackets syntax in title formatting
improved support for large fields in ID3v2 tags
fixed potential crash bug in artwork plugin
fixed path separator '/' escaping regression in converter
moved ffmpeg plugin to the end of plugin list, to prevent conflicts with other input plugins
added $fix_eol, $hex title formatting
fixed importing [, ] and \n characters from old configuration files
fixed "Group by artist/date/title" title formatting
added enumerating/exposing of all supported file extensions to ffmpeg plugin (Xinya Zhang)
fixed handling of ':' in file path in vfs_zip plugin
fixed old ffmpeg versions support
fixed wma decoder loudness issue
fixed DCA buffer allocation, to make it more musl-friendly
added $num implementation to title formatting (Peter Lamby)
fixed --nowplaying-tf behavior when player is stopped
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