Vermont School Asks 10-Year-Olds About S.e.x. History, Preferences

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Vermont School Asks 10-Year-Olds About S.e.x. History, Preferences
I’ve never personally stepped foot in Vermont, but I’ve always heard great things about the state itself.

The scenery is supposedly pristine. Maple leaf candy is supposedly delicious. And the weather is supposedly great, too. Again, I can’t personally attest to any of this.

What I can attest to, however, is the type of leadership exhibited by “The Green Mountain State.”

For starters, everyone’s favorite kooky uncle, Bernie Sanders, is their beloved state senator.

Now, in fairness, your view of Sanders is most likely wholly dependent on your political beliefs. If you’re pro-socialism, you love Sanders. If you’re a sane person with a functioning brain, you despise Sanders.

But politics are one thing. It can be a divisive topic by nature.

One thing that should never be divisive? The nurturing and growth of children.

Anyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be appalled by a public school asking fifth-graders to take a sexuality survey. That simply has no place in an elementary school.

And yet, that nightmare scenario is exactly what happened at a school in Windsor, Vermont, according to WPTZ-TV.

Vanessa Beach, who has a 10-year-old daughter attending the school, was stunned and disgusted when she learned the type of survey her daughter had to fill out at school.

“My daughter is 10. So are all the other kids who took this,” said Beach. “A sexual partner at 10 years old would be called sexual abuse.”

The survey, administered by a domestic violence prevention and advocacy group called WISE, apparently was a part of “educational” programs that run throughout Windsor schools.
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