Very Beautiful Tall Thai Ladyboy in Soi Cowboy , Asok , Bangkok

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Or at least I think it was a Thai ladyboy as the Thai version are so good it can be very hard to tell.

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It was a great delight when walking down Soi Cowboy one night to such a great party going on on the corner bar - Bar Bang. All these really beautiful and sexy Thai girls and their customers seem to be having such a great time in the steamy evening of a Bangkok night. I hope you do too.

At dusk as the sunsets on Bangkok's City of Sin beautiful young girls arrive ready to begin their night's work. As darkness descends, the neon lights glow, and the naked dancing shows start all down Soi Cowboy.

Thai 'Bar Girls' strut their stuff trying to pull semi reluctant men inside. True to say most of the girls are for sale if they like the customer and the price. High rolling Japanese and Korean punters are the most highly sought. It's a vibrant , colorful, kaleidoscopic orgy of attraction, allurement and the overriding dominant theme of sex, sex, sex.

Soi Cowboy just off Asok (BTS Station Asok or Sukhumvit) near Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. It was so named from the deceased T.G. "Cowboy" Edwards, a retired American aircrew, who opened the first Go Go bars back in 1977. He was a tall African-American, and was often seen wearing a cowboy hat.

Shot with a Canon Powershot SX220