What is Qanon? Truth, Disinformation or Controlled Opposition?

Derek Kato · 243 views
The Qanon Group is shining a bright light on some of the darkest aspects of our society. This group is bringing awareness about relevant issues such as:
-Saudi Arabian financial control over select politicians
-Government sponsored terrorist groups
-Child trafficking and its connection to our government
-Specific actors (politicians/CEOs) and companies (FB, GOOG, TWATTER etc) that play a role in these treasonous actions

This is important because it focuses and directs our messages to the right places and builds great awareness to these topics in synchronization, which forces the main stream media to respond (resulting in more awareness).

ALSO, Qanon dropped a meme describing how bees defy gravity saying #ResearchFlatEarth !!!

It is important to understand when researching this stuff: everything in the physical world is a manifestation of our thoughts. The cabal or the deep state, is the physical manifestation of our own thoughts of fear, greed, hatred and envy. It is vital to make sure we harbor no hatred towards these groups. The best way to ensure that the operations taking these groups out are successful is to remove these negative vibrations from our lives. It will manifest in the removal of these negative factions from the plane by UNIVERSAL LAW.

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